"School visit" joke

One day a priest decides to visit a school.
He walks through the playground where the kids are out playing.
He decides to talk to some so he walks up to a little girl and asks for her name.
The little girl replies "Rose".
"Thats a nice name", said the priest "how did you get it".
The little girl says "The first time i went out with my mommy a rose fell onto my head so she called me rose".
"Thats nice" said the priest who moves onto another little girl.
"Hello whats your name" says the priest
The second little girl replies"Daisy"
"Thats a nice name" said the priest "How did you get it?"
The girl replies
"The first time my mommy took me out a daisy fell onto my head so she called me daisy"
"Very nice" says the priest who decides to move onto the next child.
He sees a young boy playing by himself in the corner so he goes over to him and asks his name.
The little boy turns round and screams "BREEZEBLOCK"

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