"Renaming Sex in front of the Kids (sexual)" joke

A couple, concerned with speaking of sex in front of their children, decided to rename "sex" with the words "washing machine."
Each time one of the two decided to entice the other, they would say, "How about some washing machine, dear?"
Well, one night, the husband was feeling quite amorous and asked his wife for a little washing machine, but the wife refused on the grounds of having a headache.
After a while, the wife reconsidered the husband's request thinking of allowing herself to have a headache interrupt their sexual activities. So, the wife awoke her husband and offered to participate in a little washing machine action.
The husband rolled over, facing his wife, and declared, "No, that's ok, dear. It was a small load anyway, so I did it out by hand."

A flight attendant friend of mine and her boyfriend had been playing a little
game, where they would hide condoms in each other's pockets, briefcases,
lunches etc., to have them revealed at unexpected times.
One morning, shortly after taking off on a 3 hour flight, more...

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