"Polotics to Children" joke

One day a little boy went up to his dad and asked him what polotics were. He replied "
lets just say that I am the president, your mom is the congress, the maid is the senate, and your little brother is the future. Put them all together and that's politics."
The little boy still didn't understand, but he went to bed anyway.
That night he found that his little brother crapped in his diaper, so he went to get his parents. When he went into the room, he found that his dad was not there. He went to the couch and saw his dad screwing the maid. The next day, the little boy said to his dad that he understood politics;"
While the President is screwing the Senate, the Congress is unaware and the future is full of shit."
Very good,"
replied his father.

Farmer Brown had been screwing one of his pigs for 5 years, when all of a sudden he was hit by pangs of conscience.
It bothered him so much that he decided that he just had to tell his priest about it in confession.
The priest was shocked and could only say to Farmer more...

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