"Newfie Flies to Toronto" joke

A Newfie was going to Toronto on the Airplane and started talking
to an Mainlander.
Newfie: Lord Tundrin' Geeses Bye, What do you do for a livin'?
Mainlander: Well, I'm a Psychoanalyst.
Newfie: Psychoanalyst, What the Heck is that?
Mainlander: It's hard to explain so I'll give you an example.
Mainlander: Do you own a Fishtank?
Newfie: Yes, I got a tank.
Mainlander: Well, I bet you like fish then?
Newfie: Yeah, I like fish.
Mainlander: Well, if you like fish then you probably like the water.
Newfie: Yeah, I love the water.
Mainlander: Well, if you like the water, then you probably like to
go to the beach.
Newfie: I love to go the beach.
Mainlander: I bet you like to look at girls in bikinis while you're
at the beach.
Newfie: You betcha.
Mainlander: And as you're looking at girls on the beach I bet you think
about taking them home and having your way with them.
Newfie: Gosh, How did you know that?
Mainlander: Well, that's what a Psychoanalyst is.
Newfie: Oh.
The Newfie was goin back to St. John's and started to talk to another
Mainlander on the plane.
Newfie: Hi, How ya doin?
Mainlander: Oh, fine I guess.
Newfie: I'm a Psychoanalyst.
Mainlander: You're a Psychoanalyst?
Newfie: Yeah, let me explain it to ya.
Newfie: Do you own a fishtank?
Mainlander: No.
Newfie: What are ya!? Some kind of faggot?

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