"National Books About the Elelphant" joke

very nation has to write a book about the Elephant: The French book - The Sex Life of the Elephant or: 1000 ways to cook Elephant. The English book - Elephants I have shot on Safari. The Welsh book - The Elephant and its influence on Welsh language and culture or: Oes ysgol tocynnau eleffant llanfairpwll nhadau coeden. The American book - How to Make Bigger And Better Elephants. The Japanese book - How to Make Smaller And Cheaper Elephants. The Greek book - How to Sell Elephants for a Lot of Money. The Finnish book - What Do Elephants Think about Finnish People. The German book - A Short Introduction to Elephants, Vol 1- 6. The Icelandic book - Defrosting an Elephant. The Swiss book - Switzerland: The Country Through Which Hannibal Went With His Elephants. The Canadian book - Elephants: A Federal or State Issue? The Swedish book - How to reduce your taxes with an elephant.

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