"Marriage native american style" joke

This joke is about Native Americans; no offense intended, hope none is taken. Native American Indian legend has it that many years ago, before the domination of the White Man, there existed a tribe that lived in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. And in this tribe, the Chief had decided that the time had come for his only daughter, the beautiful Wild Honey, to marry.
Now in this tribe, selection of a mate for the daughter of a chief involved a kind of round-robin competition among the eligible braves to determine who was the bravest, the strongest, the best hunter and provider. From the preliminary rounds, two great contenders emerged - the fast and powerful Running Water, and the bold and handsome Falling Rocks.
The final event of the competition would decide the winner. Each brave was given exactly seven days to prepare the traditional BTFTLOOTGO - "bridal tepee for the Little One of the Great One." The winner would be the brave who built the better tepee and assembled the more impressive collection of provisions.
Before heading their separate ways, each brave had an audience with the Chief and the tribe's elders. Running Waters was the first to address the Assembly: "I go now to valley of wild streams. I do honor to great Chief."
Then it was Falling Rocks turn: "I go now to mountains in sky. I do honor to great Chief."
Although she could show no favorite, in her heart, Wild Honey wanted Falling Rocks to win. Seven days later Running Waters returned, pronouncing that he had prepared "One awesome BTFTLOOTGO."
Wild Honey waited anxiously for Falling Rocks return. She waited. And she waited. The midnight deadline came and went - no Falling Rocks. She begged her father to extend the deadline, but he refused - rules were rules, he could show no favoritism. However he did arrange to have a search party go out and look for the missing brave.
Well as it turned out, Falling Rocks did not return. Wild Honey married Running Water. And every year thereafter, on the anniversary of the event, braves went out in search of Falling Rocks. The story became a great Native American legend. Why even to this very day, if you happen to be driving through the Rockies, you can still see the signs posted along the highways - WATCH OUT FOR FALLING ROCKS!

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