"Maori falla in army" joke

Pommy falla, Ozzy falla, and Maori falla, all ex SAS. Drinking at local RSL, straight whiskeys from a schooner. Six hours later the three of them disappear for a piss and return without anyone noticing. One hour later the pom leans over and whispers to his mates "you know us English are the elite of all SAS regiments" Ozzy falla whispers back 'bugger off mate its us ozzies " Maori falla while taking another drink " Oh, eh!"
Pommy falla " I'll prove it then watch' Pommy falla goes up to the bar and chats to the barman comes back and sits down.
The barman arrives a coupla minutes later with a large towel, face cloth, and large kitchen knife. He spreads the large towel over the table, hands the face cloth to the Ozzy and gives the knife to the Pom
The pom puts his hand on the towel raises the knife and bang cuts off his little finger. "Thats how tough our English SAS are he whispers" The Ozzy wipes the poms cut finger with the face cloth and gives it to the Maori falla Bugger me the Ozzy thinks grabbing hold of the knife placing his hand on the towel and cuts off two fingers "Our Ozzie SAS are twice as tough " he whispers back. And passes the knife to the Maori falla, The Maori falla reaches over and wipes the ozzies hand with the face cloth and hands it to the barman. The Maori falla thinks Shit these falla's are tough alright. He hands the knife to the barman then drops his pants and puts his dick on the towel. The Pom and the Ozzy both whisper "Shit!" The barman screams!!!"IM NOT CUTTING THAT OFF ...NO WAY???" Maori falla whispers to the barman "dont be afraid mate put the knife down and just use your hands, and try as hard as you can to pull it off me,If it leaves a mess clean it up with the face cloth i gave you"

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