"Job Hunting Dog" joke

A sign was hung in an office window. It read:
Help wanted.
Must type 70 words a minute.
Must be computer literate.
Must be bilingual.
An equal opportunity employer.
A dog was ambling down the street and saw the sign. He
looked at it for a moment, pulled it down with his mouth,
and walked into the manager'srs office, making it clear he
wished to apply for the job.
The office manager laughed and said, "I can't hire a dog
for this job."
The dog pointed to the line: "An equal opportunity
So the manager said, "OK, take this letter and type it."
The dog went off to the word processor and returned a
minute later with the finished letter, perfectly
The manager said, "Alright, here's a problem. Write a
computer program for it and run it."
Fifteen minutes later, the dog came back with the correct
The manager still wasn't convinced. "I still can't hire
you for this position. You've got to be bilingual."
The dog looked up at the manager and said, "Meow."

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