"Jewish fly" joke

A man goes into a bar and sits down to have a drink....he notices thatat the other end of the bar is the most attractive woman he has everseen....he is immediately lust-struck and decides that he must haveher....He leans over to the bartender and asks if the bartender has anySpanish-fly in the back....the bartender says he will check and comesback a couple of minutes later with a small packet of white powder....hesays to the man..."this isn't Spanish-fly, we are all out of that....butthis is just as good....this is Jewish-fly, and it is guaranteed to gether over here within twenty minutes after she takes it!" so the manforks over his $10 and asks the bartender to put the Jewish-fly into achampagne cocktail and deliver it to the gorgeous creature with hiscompliments... The woman drinks the champagne cocktail and looks at our hero ratherdisinterestedly... but about twenty minutes later she slinks off herbarstool....she saunters across the room toward our hero in a mostseductive manner....oozing sensuality....our hero is terrificallyexcited....she reaches him and puts one lithe arm around his shouldersand leans in close to his ear...he can feel her breath on hisneck....and she whispers "Hey big boy....want to go shopping?"

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