"Improve World League American Football" joke

[Original-many ideas thought up after watching tonight's (4/29) game.]
Top ten proposed improvements for World League American Football for 1992
10. After ''big plays,'' pictures of players and what they really do for a
9. Winner of World Bowl plays NCAA division I runner-up.
8. Two expansion teams: the North Dakota Boredom and the Idaho Oat Bran.
7. Fans allowed to participate on 4th down.
6. Bodacious-bouncing-cheerleader-cam.
5. Homer Simpson will be the announcer for the Monday night game.
4. ''Fan-appreciation'' night where the first 40,000 fans at any US
home game get a free beer.
3. Use of wrestling referees who "miss vital calls."
2. Football-cam (now you can see the action at the source!)
1. Pre-season WLAF.

Not enough votes...

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