"How big" joke

A woman was walking down the street when she saw a big black man.
She said, "you are a big ole man, how big are your arms?" He said,"20 inches ROUND."
She said," good lord those are some big ole arms. How big is your neck? He said,"24 inches ROUND."
She said,"good lord that is a big ole neck." How big is your thighs. He said,"32 inches ROUND.
She said,"good lord those are some big ole thighs."
At last she said, "I am sorry, but i have to ask how big is your dick. He said,"3 inches. She interuped him and yelled,"Your telling me that you arms are 20 inches ROUND, your neck is 24 inches ROUND, your thighs are 32 inches ROUND, and you have a three inch dick.
He said,"3 inches FROM THE GROUND.

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