"How To Make Your Asian Boyfriend Eternally Happy" joke

Always look like a Shiseido Spokes model: he would be proud to take the girl around shopping and showing her off. Never be taller than him: it makes him look bad. Compliment! Tell him that his little Honda Civic is a lot sportier looking than the Porsche. Have him upgrade the civic to a prelude his senior year and when he graduates persuade him to get a Supra. Buy him clothes Dead Rap stars would wear: Polo, Hilfinger, Nautica, Nikes, Timberlands, and Quicksilver (close enough to big brand names). Never use more hair products than he does. Tell him his baggy clothes makes him look bigger. (BTW, from tric) Talk to him in a way that allows him to use what little of Japanese (any Asian language ) he knows. Tell him that he's different from the other white guys on the street. The special white guy you love. Compliment him on both his shirts... the button long sleeve one, and the print t-shirt he has on underneath. Make them think that because they understand your "culture", they are better than the other guys. Pretend everything he talks about is "cool", even though you can't stand hearing about them anymore. For instance, like when he talks about videogames, cartoons, etc. Pretend to adore his EMOTIONAL STABILITY OF A 4-YEAR OLD, since he is doing this just for you and thinks that all asian girls love it. If he wears a hat or his pants are ripped at the bottom, tell him you love it that way. Also, make sure that he thinks you believe his wife-beater t-shirt is nice and even convince him to buy more of them just to convince him that you like them.

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