"Gaurav Say Kaho..." joke

IN most jokes about drowning, when people call on their respective gods for help, Hindu deities come off poorly. Sita Ram Goel, editor of Voice of India and an important mouthpiece of Hindu opinion, rectifies the balance:
Three men - a Sikh, a Musilm and a Hindu - jumped into the sea from a boat which was sinking. None of them knew swimming. So all of them invoked their deities for help. The Sikh cried for Satguru. But the name applied to ten gurus, and they got into an argument as to which one was being invoked. Meanwhile, the poor Sikh sank to the bottom of the sea. The Muslim cried to Allah. But Allah was bound by his own undertaking that He would save Momins only on the Day of Judgement which was still far off. So the hapless Muslim went down. The Hindu had only to utter one of the several divine names he knew and as every divine name in Hindu theology is shared in common by thirty-three crore gods, all of them rushed to his rescue. He alone survived to tell the story!

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