"Fisherman Meets the Police Man" joke

Increasingly late for work after a wonderful day of fishing, a man is pulled over by a Police Officer. The Officer walks up to the genteman's car window and asks, "Sir, why are you in such a hurry."
The man replies, "I am late for for work."
To this the police Officer asks, "and what do ou do for a living Sir, that requires you to drive so fast?"
The man replies, "I am an asshole stretcher."
The Officer asks in reply, "what is an asshole stretcher."
The man replies, "well its exactly what it sounds like, I stretch assholes for a living."
Stunned, the Officer asks, "how on this Earth does one go about stretching an asshole?'
To this the man replies, "well you start out by shoving to finger up the hole. Then, you stick some fingers up the asshole until you can get both hands all the way up the ass. Then, you slowly start to pull your arms apart until the asshole you're stretching is six feet long."
Shocked, the Officer asks, "what on Earth does one do with a six foot long asshole?"
The man replies sarcastically, "you give a radar gun and stick him at the end of a bridge!"

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