"Female orgasm" joke

Effectively inducing an orgasm in a woman can be complicated, even with the assistance of machinery. I was using a vibrator on a girl one time and I figured applying the vibrator at full speed to her clit would get the job done, but no. Somehow, her clit managed to move around underneath, so I had to keep repositioning it. She was giving me directions the whole time: "up...left...left...down...right...up..." I felt as if I was playing Dance Dance Revagina...or Clitar Hero...or Hymen Simon.

A husband had to leave town on a buisness trip his wife was the flirtatious type so he thought about buying an infatable doll but that was too close to another man for him so he went to a adult toy store and talked to the old man behind the counter. The old man said well I more...

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