"Cigerette filters" joke

My mate Geordie collects cigerette filters. Peels of the paper, sends them off to a guy in London who gives him 50p a hundred for them,who then cleans them up and sends them off to a guy in Africa who re-packages them and sells them on, as Tampax for Pygmys.
No, Wait, theres more.
There is a guy In Africa who do's the same trade in reverse !!!!

Geordie is in Dublin on Business and takes a Taxi from the Airport to his Hotel in the City Centre.
As they come out of the Airport, the Taxi driver shoots through a red light. "Driver, you could have killed us, you jumped that red light!" shouts more...


You'll never see a woman driving in Formula 1. It's not the Racing thats the problem, it's parking when they come into the pits.


I have given up Bacon. Not just for lent, but because the smoke alarm hurts my ears.


How do you know when you've passed an Elephant?
The toilet seat wont go down.


How do you make a Horse Drink?
Take a horse and put it in the Liquidiser.

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