"50 Quick and Easy Ways to Annoy Someone Online" joke

1) pretendyoudontknowwhatthespacebaris
2) no caps or puncuation at all seriously it really annoys people
3) Abb. or shorten evry othr wrd it wrks rly wel
4) UsE cApS oN aNd OfF lIkE tHiS
5) 1337
5) maik rly stoopid spelng mistaiks liek dis
6) Waste peoples' time.
7) Feing lost of tyops (Feign lots of typos)
9) N vwls. (No vowls.)
10) Capitalize Every Word Lots Of People Do It And It Really Works
11) 1337. s3R10u5|Y. D0 u N0 |-|0// mUc|-| 17 4N0y5 pp| 1F u U53 17 1n c0njUnC710N /// c|-|475p33K? (Leet. Seriously. Do you know how much it annoys people if you use it in conjunction with chatspeak?)
12) Act like a 3 year old.
13) Call everyone "Honey" or "Dear" as in, "Sorry, dear, but we can't do anything about it." or "Don't worry, Hun, it won't help to do that"
14) Ask a whole bunch of questions and don't answer any.
15) Subsitute a hole lot of stuff liek 2=to, two, too or 4=for. Use your imagination.
16) Srcmbale up all yuor wrods but keep the frist and lsat the smae. D'not wrory, ppeole can raed it.
18) Leav of leters likk dis
19) Try to mimic an accent. Hard, but it makes your posts hard to read.
20) Try to start a debate.
21) Get two accounts and pretend to be two different people.
22) Using your two accounts, try to debate with yourself.
23) Try to debate with yourself using only one account.
24) Use a whole lot of equations to try and explain yourself.
25) Insult people.
26) Say "You know?" or "y'know?" or "You know what I mean?" a whole lot.
27) Be reduncdant. Really reducdant.
28) Repeat yourself.
29) Repeat yourself.
30) Use that second account to repeat yourself.
31) Use that second account to stalk yourself.
32) Brag about things you obviously don't have.
33) Brag about things other people have and you don't. Act as if that's a good thing.
34) Seriously, use #11. It wastes people's time, and
35) Keep refering back to stuff you said before and make people scroll up a whole lot to find them.
36) Ha! Did I trick ya? Did you scroll up?
37) Use a whole lot of smilies. Like :P :) :D xD xP :/ ={ =C =) =( =P
38) Make up false equations. Like Me + U = Pfft.
39) Make bodily function noises. I.E. - Burp, fart, snore, sneeze, cough.
40) Put together a whole lot of the ones on this list.
41) Numbers 1 and 2 go together well.
42) When typing a list like this, put in a whole bunch of pointless fluff.
43) Abb. things that aren't usually abb'ed (usually = usuly)
44) Numbers 3 and 5 gp well too.
45) Did you fall for either of those two?
46) Dang.
47) Leave out numbers in lists. Point it out 20 numbers later. I.E. I left out #17
48) Keep putting in stuff that's totally unrelated.
49) Like so.
50) Put in lots of examples. Especially if you're teaching someone to be annoying online. It annoys your readers, and that's the first step! =3

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