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    guy is in the market for a used motorcycle. He always
    wanted a big Harley. He shops around, answering ads
    in the newspaper, and is not having much luck. One day
    he comes across a beautiful classic Harley with a for
    sale" sign on it. Upon inspection, he is amazed
    to find the bike in mint condition. He inquires about
    it with the owner.
    "This bike is beautiful! I'll take it. But you
    gotta tell me how you keep it in such good shape.
    "Well," says the seller, "it's pretty
    simple. Just make sure that if the bike is outside
    and it's going to rain, rub Vaseline on the chrome.
    It protects it from the rain. In
    fact, since you're buying the bike I won't need my
    tube of Vaseline anymore. Here, you can have it."
    and he hands the buyer a tube of Vaseline.
    The guy buys the bike and off he goes, a happy biker.
    He takes the bike over to show his girlfriend. She's
    ecstatic (being a Harley more...

    Q: What's red and goes up and down?
    A: A tomato in an elevator.
    Q: What did one tube of glue say to the other tube of glue?
    A: We have to stick together.
    Q: What do you say when you meet a two-headed monster?
    A: Hello, hello.
    Q: What do you call a sleeping bull?
    A: A bulldoser.
    Q: When is a baseball player like a thief?
    A: When he steals a base.
    Q: What did the can say to the can opener?
    A: You make me flip my lid.
    Q: What is a volcano?
    A: A mountain with the hiccups.
    Q: What do you find at the end of everything?
    A: The letter "g".
    Q: What did the elephant do when he hurt his toe?
    A: He called a toe truck.
    Q: Why do two skunks argue?
    A: Because they like to kick up a stink.
    Q: What did the adding machine say to the cashier?
    A: You can count on me.
    Q: What is the best way to keep dogs out of the street?
    A: Put them in a barking lot.
    Q: Why did the cat sleep with a fan on?
    A: He more...

    Roger is buying his cousin's used motorcycle.
    He says, "My God, it's so shiny! It's like new! What's your secret?"
    His cousin says, "Well, any time it's about to rain, I coat the chrome with some Vaseline so it won't tarnish. In fact, I won't be needing this any longer, take my tube."
    Roger and his girlfriend are going to her parents' house for dinner for the first time, so he goes to pick her up on the motorcycle.
    As she's getting on the bike behind him, she says, "Listen, I have to tell you something. My family's a little strange. You can't talk during dinner. If you talk during dinner, you have to do the dishes."
    When they walk into her parents' house, not only in the kitchen, but in the dining room, the living room, on the stairs, the back porch, everywhere, there are piles and piles of dirty dishes. They haven't done the dishes in months.
    They sit down to eat, and the whole meal, nobody talks.
    It's the end of the meal, more...

    Little Johnny took his new chemistry set down to the basement where he stayed all afternoon mixing various liquids together. Eventually, his dad went down and found him surrounded by test tubes, pounding something into the wall. "Why are you hammering a nail into the wall?" asked his dad. "It's not a nail," said Johnny. "It's a worm! I tried to bring this worm back to life with my special chemical mixture, but my formula made the worm hard as a rock," he said as he showed his dad the liquid that he had soaked the worm in. "I'll tell you what. You give me the test tube with your special chemical mixture in it and I'll buy you a Toyota." So little Johnny handed the test tube over. The next day, when Johnny got home from school, he saw a brand new Mercedes-Benz parked in the driveway. He asked his dad about the car. "Oh," said the father, "your Toyota is in the garage. The Mercedes is from your mother."

    What do you call a tube with a degree? A graduated cylinder.

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