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    Back in the Jahanabad, there were two Yadavs, Laloo and Sadhu. One day, the two were enjoying a strong country in the local thek, when a man walked into the bar with a Brahmin's head under his arm. The barman shakes his hand and says, "I hate Brahmins; last week the bastards burnt my barn to the ground, assaulted my wife and killed my children." He then says, "If any man brings me the head of a Brahmin, I'll give him fifty thousand rupees."
    The two Yadavs looked at each other and walked out of the bar to go hunting for a Brahmin. They were walking around for a while when suddenly they saw one; Sadhu threw a rock which hit the Brahmin right on the head.
    The Brahmin fell off his horse, but landed seventy feet down a ravine. The two nuts made their way down the ravine where Laloo pulled out a knife to claim their trophy.
    Suddenly, Sadhu said, "Lalooji, take a look at this."
    Laloo replied, "Not now, I'm busy."
    Sadhu tugged more...

    One morning an elderly matron boarded a bus and occupied a seat without buying a ticket. The irate conductor addressed her rudely,' Budhiya (old woman), first buy your ticket before you sit down.'
    The lady rasped back:' First learn to speak politely and then ask for money for a ticket. Instead of calling me a budhiya you should have said: "Jiji (elder sister), please buy a ticket."' The humbled conductor had to repeat the lady's words before he got the fare. Everyone was amused.
    At the next stop, a hefty sadhu boarded the bus. This time the conductor got his own back. He addressed the sadhu very loudly:' Jeejaji (brother-in-law), you can take the vacant seat next to Jiji'

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