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    There were 3 basketball players, one each from IU, Notre Dame, and Purdue, standing on a burning roof in Indianapolis. The fire department came with a blanket and yelled to the Notre Dame player to jump. He jumped and they moved it to the right. He hit the sidewalk with a splat.
    They then called to the IU player to jump. He said that he wouldn’t jump. They said they liked IU better than Norte Dame. So he jumped and the fire department moved the blanket to the left. The IU player hit with a splat on the sidewalk.
    Then they called to the Purdue player to jump. He said that he wouldn’t jump. The fire department said they hated IU and Notre Dame. He yelled back, “Lay the blanket down on the sidewalk, and then I’ll jump! ”

    These three strings go into a bar and order a martini. One string
    notices a horse with a sign that says, "Make me laugh, make me cry, win
    $1000" on it. Meanwhile, a bell starts ringing in the clock tower overhead,
    and suddenly there is a loud thud as a body falls to the street in
    front of the bar. "I'm a Frayed Knot!" screams one enraged string at
    the bartender, and then disappears. Kant leaves via the back door. The
    other string stands in front of the horse and pulls down his pants. It
    isn't clear at this point why the horse is wearing pants.
    The Inspector walks in the front door and says to no one in particular,
    "I can't remember his name, but his face rings a bell." Several dozen
    customers instinctively stab their F keys. The remaining string gulps
    down the rest of his martini and says, "And at these prices, you're not
    likely to see many more!"
    At the table in the back, the Doctor looks more...

    Why don't Purdue athletes eat pickles? They can't get their heads in the jar.

    Why dont Purdue athletes eat pickles? They cant get their heads in the jar.

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