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    After a number of years in England Natha Singh decided to visit his native village in Punjab. But he decided to spend a few days in Bombay and then a day in Delhi to pay homage in the Bangla Saheb Gurdwara near Connaught Place.
    He landed in Bombay and a friend received him. He enjoyed his sightseeing in Bombay and after a couple of days boarded a train for Delhi. He went into deep sleep in the train. This train reached Bhopal at about 8 a. m. Someone in the compartment put on the radio. And the Hindi newsreader's voice said, Yeh, Dilli hai. This woke up Natha Singh. He got up hurriedly, collected his bags, got down and went out of the Railway Station. He got into a cycle rickshaw and told the puller to go to Bangla Saheb Gurdwara near Connaught Place. Now this clever muslim rickshaw puller of Bhopal smiled to himself, and was on his way.
    After two hours the rickshaw puller, with a worried look told Natha Singh that he had lost his way and would like to ask someone for more...

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