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    This was just posted to the newsgroup "alt.config" and most of the newsgroups to propose creation of a new group "". I think you might find it interesting.
    Paul Robinson
    "The Greatest Philosopher in the World, maybe the Greatest who ever lived."
    There has been some questioning as to why there isn't an "" newsgroup since almost every other sexually related practice has one of its own.
    There is quite a bit of interest in this subject, as it has gotten a lot of tongues wagging about it.
    It is a subject of very hot debate, and considerable jawing and movement of mouths.
    It has been known to raise a significant response in men, and a smaller response in women. Perhaps women are more "open" to this subject.
    It is a subject of considerable interest from many angles, as much as 21 (degrees) reduced from 90.
    It is often enjoyed by more than one person, as some people find that the more...

    How does a highschool boy propose? "You're going to have a what? "

    ...probably one of the best...
    Paleoanthropology Division
    Smithsonian Institute
    207 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Washington, DC 20078
    Dear Sir:
    Thank you for your latest submission to the Institute, labeled
    "211-D, layer seven, next to the clothesline post. Hominid
    skull." We have given this specimen a careful and detailed
    examination, and regret to inform you that we disagree with your
    theory that it represents "conclusive proof of the presence of
    Early Man in Charleston County two million years ago." Rather, it
    appears that what you have found is the head of a Barbie doll, of
    the variety one of our staff, who has small children, believes to
    be the "Malibu Barbie." It is evident that you have given a great
    deal of thought to the analysis of this specimen, and you may be
    quite certain that those of us who are familiar with your prior
    work in the field were loathe to come to contradiction with more...

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