The NFL will block 70% of U.S. households from watching the New England Patriot's final game by restricting the broadcast to its own cable channel. Luckily for fans, Bill Belichick will be taping it.

At this time no name has been released to the media, but sources close to the couple say they have named the baby boy according to old family traditions and will call him Brady Bundch.

Tom Brady suffered a knee injury and may be out for the year. Bill Belichick will replace him with tapes of a healthy Brady.

Tom Brady is officially out for the season. On the positive side, two months of bed rest isn't quite so daunting when that bed features Gisele Bundchen.

The wedding was a quiet little ceremony right up until when the priest asked if anyone had any objections, Tom opened his mouth and Gisele kicked him right square in the ACL.

Tom Brady left a pre-season game with what appeared to be a shoulder injury. For those of you who have him on your fantasy team, you're still a dork for having a fantasy team.

Tom Brady has agreed to conduct a passing camp at Gillette Stadium for $23,000 per participant. Campers will learn about long passes, shuttle passes and most importantly, passes at supermodels.