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    Massachusetts Governor, Mitt Romney, decried stem-cell research. He said that his administration and the Bush administration are taking steps to stave off an ‘Orwellian’ future. He described a future with laboratories growing tray upon tray of new embryos. He’s obviously confusing Orwell’s vision of the future with Aldous Huxley’s, Brave New World. Wherein children are born from embryos in a factory according to the economic need of the society. An Orwellian future would be a government that twist language to meet their political goals, spies on its people, equates war with faith, and prohibits dissent

    In the Florida Republican Primary G.O.P. front runners John McCain and Mitt Romney called each other liberals. They then got hi and made love in the tall grass.

    Mitt Romney was quoted as saying, "The man who wins this race won't necessarily be the person who invested the most money in this, it'll be the person who is the most respected." He then paused for 5 seconds and said, "S**t."

    My friend, DeWitt, happily told me that presidential candidate Mitt Romney was a Mormon and that they believe in multiple wives. Wow! Yeah, there is nothing that I would rather hear than, "Not tonight, we have a headache; we need you to go to the store and get some pads--a lot of them; we need some more romance; we need to talk--all of us."

    I mean, I could probably get away with one murder, but several is pushing it.

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