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    CAT v.6.1b: Completely Autonomous Tester, Manufactured by MOMCAT
    User Installation and Maintenance Documentation:
    User Friendly
    Low Power CPU
    Self Portable Operation
    Dual Video and Audio Input
    Audio Output
    Auto Search Capability for Input Data
    Auto Search for Output Bin
    Auto Learn Program in ROM
    Instant Transition To Energy Saving Standby Mode When Not In Use
    Wide Operating Temperature Range
    Mouse Driven
    Self Cleaning
    Production Details:
    After basic KIT construction, the unit undergoes six weeks of
    onsite ROM programming and burn-in testing. Listed features are
    installed during this period. Since MOMCAT uses local suppliers,
    there may be a variation between individual units. Some of the
    units may not meet general standards. MOMCAT's quality assurance
    may reject inferior units. Users may sometimes salvage rejected
    units. Beware of Far East clones. These may violate more...

    One pound of learning requires ten pounds of common sense to apply it.

    1...Silence, the final frontier - Where no woman has gone before.2...The undiscovered side of Banking - How to make deposits.3...Combatting the Imelda Marcos Syndrome - You don't need new shoes everyday.4...Learn how not to inflict your Diets on other people.5...Nag Nag Nag - how to overcome your tendency to be a fish wife.6...An invitation to a party does not mean that you have to have a new outfit.7...Man Management - Discover how the garbage can wait until after the game.8...Personal Space - Leaving at least enough space in the bathroom cupboard for your partners toothbrush.9...Valuation - Just because it's not important to you.10..Communication Skills I - Tears as the last resort and not the first.11..Communication Skills II - How to think before speaking.12..What he really wants - Is buying the right razor blades so difficult.13..Driving a car safely - A skill you can also acquire.14..Real women drink their share at a party.15..Telephones - How to hang up.16..Parking - Beginners more...

    I'm learning ancient history? So am I, lets go for a walk and talk over old times!

    Topic 1
    How to Fill up the Ice Cube Trays
    (Step by Step with Slide Presentation)
    Topic 2
    The Toilet Paper Roll - Does It Grow on the Holder?
    (Round Table Discussion)
    Topic 3
    Fundamental Differences Between the Laundry Hamper and The Floor
    (Pictures and Explanatory Graphics)
    Topic 4
    The Dirty Dishes and Silverware - Can they Levitate and Fly Into the Kitchen Sink and/or the Dishwasher?
    (Examples on Video)
    Topic 5
    Loss of Identity: Losing the Remote to your Significant Other (Helpline Support and Support Groups)
    Topic 6
    Learning How to Find Things, Starting with Looking in the Right Place instead of Turning the House Upside Down While Screaming (Open Forum)
    Topic 7
    Health Watch: Bringing her Flowers is Not Harmful to your Health
    (Graphics and Audio Tape)
    Topic 8
    Real Men Ask for Directions When Lost
    (Real Life Testimonials)
    Topic 9
    Is It Genetically Impossible to Sit more...

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