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    A pretty woman was serving a life sentence in prison. Angry and
    resentful about her situation, she had decided that she would rather
    die than to live another year in prison. Over the years she had
    become good friends with one of the prison caretakers.
    His job, among others, was to bury those prisoners who died in a
    graveyard just outside the prison walls. When a prisoner died, the
    caretaker rang a bell, which was heard by everyone. The caretaker
    then got the body and put it in a casket.
    Next, he entered his office to fill out the death certificate before
    returning to the casket to nail the lid shut. Finally, he put the
    casket on a wagon to take it to the graveyard and bury it.
    Knowing this routine, the woman devised an escape plan and shared it
    with the caretaker. The next time the bell rang, the woman would
    leave her cell and sneak into the dark room where the coffins were
    She would slip into the coffin more...

    A lady lost her cat, and took the cat in a little casket up to a big church and said, 'I want you to bury my cat.' And they run her off. She went to another church, and they run her off. She took the cat to a Baptist church on the edge of town, and told the preacher she couldn't find anybody to hold a service for her dead cat. And the man talked to her bad.
    'How dare you think that we bury cats?'
    She said, 'Well, I'm frustrated and I'm prepared to give two thousand dollars to whoever gives a service for my cat.' And the preacher said, 'Lady, why didn't you tell me your cat was a Baptist?'

    A Dublin lawyer died in poverty and many barristers of the city subscribed to a fund for his funeral. The Lord Chief Justice of Orbury was asked to donate a shilling.
    ''Only a shilling to bury an attorney?'', said the Justice, ''Here's a guinea, go and bury 20 of them.''

    Why do they bury lawers 26 feet underground? Because deep down, they are really nice guys.

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