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    (Your jokes are too funny. You will be assimilated. Your piece de resistance is useless.)
    Two Borg walk into a bar. One Borg says to the other, "Did you hear about that city that was burned down in Argentina?"
    The other Borg replies, "Yeah, just goes to show you; Resistencia is fusil."
    A Borg was walking down a country road when he saw a donkey in a field nearby. Climbing over the fence, he pulled out his hand weapon, prayed loudly, and disintegrated the creature.
    The farmer who lived there ran out the door. "What in the world was that?"
    "Why," said the Borg, "What else? Ass immolation."
    Best Bumpersticker on Borg ship: "Blonde Borgs have the same fun."
    Happy Borg: &>
    Sad Borg: &<
    Locutus: ;|
    Drunk or Stoned Borg: #)
    Borg on Acid: @)
    McBorg - Over Half a billion assimilated.
    Borger King - you will have it _our_ way. Special orders are irrevelant.
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    I am Clinton of Borg. You will not really be assimilated, exactly...
    I am Janet Reno of Borg. Resisters will be barbecued. Waco is irrelevant.
    I am Stephanopolous of Borg. It's not assimilation, it's diversity...
    I am Hillary of Borg. Prepare to be. .. uh, I don't recall.
    I am Madonna of Borg. Resistance turns me on.
    I am Kojak of Borg. Who loves to assimilate ya, baby.
    I am Ginsu of Borg. You WILL be ASSIMILATED, but wait! That's not all!
    I am Hamlet, of Borg! Prepare to be...or not to be...
    I am Oprah of Borg. So, why did you assimilate your husband?
    I am Lancelot of Borg. Resistance is feudal.
    I am Haskell of Borg. You resist well, Mrs. Cleaver.
    I am Lennon of Borg. Imagine there's no assimilation...
    I am Baez of Borg. What if we gave an assimilation and nobody came?
    I am Opie of Borg. Can I assimilate' em, Pa?
    I am Quayle of Borg. Speling is irelevante.
    I am Smorgas of Borg. You will be marinated.
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