"the cannabal" joke

3 guys got stranded in the jungle and had no food. then they were found by 4 cannibals who then took the 3 men to there king.so the king says to them " you 3 men go out into the jungle and bring back 10 of the same fruit but you cant all have the same." so one of the men came back with apples and the king told him that if he could shove all of the apples up his arse without an expression on his face he would let him go. so the man got to 3 apples and screamed out in pain so the king had a little snack and ate him. another one of the 3 men came back with cherries and the king told him the same thing. so the man got to 9 cheries and burst out into laughter . so the king then decided to have another little snack and eat him. these 2 men then met in heaven and ther man who died 1st said "why did you start laughing you could have made it out of there alive ?" the other man said "i couldnt help it i turned round and saw the other guy coming up with pineapples !"
by nishia lunny
scotland age 13

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