"WHAT A MIX-UP" joke

A young man very much in love wanted to buy a Birthday present for his sweetheart. After much consideration he decided on a pair of gloves and on the following day accompanied by his sister, he went to the Chinese gift shop where he ordered a pair of gloves and his sister bought a pair of panties for herself.
At the parcel counter the two parcels got intermixed. Unaware of this change the young man sent the wrong parcel to his sweetheart accompanied by the following letter.
My dearest darling,
This little present from me brings you my best wishes on your birthday. You may wonder why I chose this particular gift. You see darling, I noticed that you are not in the habit of wearing any when you go out in the evening. I picked out a pair that was short and tight fitting because the sales girl told me this style was the current fashion.
I hope the light pink color will appeal to you as it suits your complexion. This pair is said to be very durable when the sales girl showed me the one she was wearing for the last ten days. I found them hardly soiled although it seemed quit moist.
Since the sales girl's figure was almost identical to yours. I asked her to try out the pair I bought for you. She looked sweet when she removed hers and tried out yours in my presence. I hope you don't mind.
Darling, I would love to put this on you personally. May be I will do it in the next time we meet. Till then do not permit my love for any gentleman to lay his hands on it. He might get tempted to squeeze it tenderly, between his fingers.
When you wear it after a bath, please see that you dry yourself completely and when you remove it before going to sleep take it off and just blow a little warm air into it as it will be a little damp.
Yours Loving,

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