"USC commencement" joke

During USC's commencement, the President was giving his usual address to the graduating class. While he was giving his address, some people in the back began to chant, "Graduate Bubba, graduate Bubba." After a few minutes, the chant grew so loud that the President could no longer continue with his address. He says, "Alright, I give up. Bubba, come on up here." This really huge offensive lineman comes up on stage. The President asks, "Are you Bubba?" Bubba replies quietly, "Yes sir."
"How long have you been here at USC Bubba?"
"Six years sir."
"Six years and you still haven't graduated?"
"No sir."
"Alright Bubba, I'll tell you what. If you can answer one question correctly, I'll graduate you right here on the spot. Is that fair?"
Bubba once again says in his quiet voice, "Yes sir." So the President then asks him, "Ok Bubba, what's nine times nine?" Bubba quickly gets to work, counting on his fingers and anything else he finds. After nearly five minutes of counting and recounting Bubba finally says, "I got it." The President then asks, "So Bubba, what's nine times nine?" "Eighty-one," replies Bubba. The crowd, in a unanimous roar, begins to chant, "GIVE BUBBA ANOTHER CHANCE, GIVE BUBBA ANOTHER CHANCE."

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