"Tracy" joke

It was Tracy's first crossing, and he was assigned to a table with a suave Frenchman. The first night out, the Frenchman rose, bowed slightly, and said, "Bon appetit."Tracy got to his feet, bowed and said, "Tracy."
The following morning, at breakfast, then at lunch and again at dinner, the ceremony was repeated and Tracy found his politeness wearing a little thin. "It's beginning to annoy me," he told a companion in the lounge. "Same thing over and over: he tells me his name, Bon appetit, I tell him mine and we do it all over again at the next meal."
His companion, a bit more worldly than Tracy, laughed. "He's not introducing himself. Bon appetit is French for' good appetite.' He's hoping that you enjoy your meal."
Tracy felt pretty silly. The next morning when he appeared at breakfast, the Frenchman was already seated. Tracy bowed and said, "Bon appetit." Whereupon the Frenchman jumped up, bowed and answered, "Tracy."

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