"Theft attempt" joke

Banta's wife, Preeto was exceptionally fat due to hormonal imbalance. On one of Banta's trip to attend a friend's wedding, a thief broke in Banta's house. However, the thief could not get lucky. He was caught by Banta's wife, Preeto and was laid on the ground.
Hearing the shouts, their domestic help, Bahadur got up. Bahadur, being bahadur could not help much in holding the thief. She could not hold him for much long. Using her weight to her advantage, she sat on the thief.
Then Preeto dictated Bahadur to go to the Village Police Post and call the police. After 5 minutes, Preeto saw Bahadur searching for something. He vanished and appeared after 6-7 minutes. Preeto asked whether the police is coming? Bahadur replied that he was still to call them and he was looking for his sleepers.
The thief, who was under the tremendous weight of Preeto, told the servant to wear his sleepers and just call the police immediately.

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