"The pirate Red Beard was" joke

The pirate Red Beard was being interviewed by a newspaper reporter who was looking for juicy stories of excitement and derring-do. He told Red, "I'm sure my readers would love to hear the tale behind your pegleg.""Well, I was thrown from the ship during galeforce winds, and before me mate could throw me a line, a shark bit me leg clean off."The interviewer was sort of disappointed. "What about the hook at the end of your right arm?""I lost it in a sword fight with the Captain of the Guard."Again the reporter was disappointed. "Certainly there's an exciting story about the patch on your eye?""One day, I was out on deck, and a bird flew over and crapped in me eye."The reporter was amazed. "That's why you wear a patch?""Well, I'd only had me hook a couple of days."

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