"The Magical Mirror" joke

One day a bunette, a redhead and a blonde walked into a thrift store. They noticed a strange-looking mirror in the back of the store, and asked the shop assistant what it was."It's a magical mirror," she replied. "If you look into it and say something true, it will give you your heart's desire. If you say something untrue, however, it will suck you into the mirror for eternity."The girls decided to give it s shot.The brunette stepped up. "I like ice cream," she said, and walked away with $1,000,000 in cash in her bag.The redhead stepped up. "I live in California," she said, and drove away in a sleek red sports car filled with spunky surfer guys.The blonde stepped up. "I think..." she started, and was sucked into the mirror for eternity.

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