"Stupid White guy" joke

There's three men,
one singhala, one tamil, and one stupid white guy,
looking for the famous genie in the lamp.
Somewhere they find this lamp.
Upon rubbing it,
the genie comes out and grants the three men,
three wishes--one for each.
Since we all know white people rule the world,
the genie first asked the stupid white guy
for his wish.
Whitey thought and thought and thought
and finally said, "Let the other two go first."
Since white people rule the world, the genie obeyed.
Since S come before T,
he asked the Singala guy for his wish.
"I want one of the stupidest wars in history
to stop," said the singhala guy.
The Genie replied, "Wish granted."
And so it was.
The singhala guy was wisked back home, happy.
Then the genie asked the tamil guy for his wish.
"I want the war in Lankava to end,"
the tamil guy said.
"The other guy already asked for that,"
said the genie.
"White guy, should I offer the tamil guy another wish?"
asked the genie.
The white guy hurriedly said no,
waiting for the tamil guy to be wisked away home.
And the genie said, "sorry."
and the tamil was wisked home, content.
"Now white guy, what is your wish,"
asked the genie.
The white guy said,
"I was a little embarrassed to ask this in front of
my brown brothers."
"Go on, speak," said the genie.
The white guy replied,
"I want my penis to be long enough to reach the floor."
"Oh that's easy," said the genie.
Taking a sword
he cut off the stupid white guy's legs.
And the genie disappeared, justifibly.

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