"Stormy night" joke

A man and his wife are lying in bed. Its 3 Oclock in the morning and theres a crazy storm outside. They hear a knock on the door and after a while the husband goes down to answer.
When he gets to the door theres an old man wearing a soaked, hooded jacket and he says
"Can you please give me a push"
The house owner slams the door and goes back to bed. He tells his wife about the old man needing a push, and that theres no way hes goin out into the storm.
But he cant get back to sleep, listening to the storm and feeling guilty about the old man. So he finally gets up and goes back down to the door. He looks out into the rain and cant see him. So he shouts,
"Old man! Where are you"
And he hears from the other side of the garden
"Im over here! On the swings!"

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