"Sorority Girl Joke" joke

1. What does a sorority girl put behind her ears to make her more attractive?
Her ankles.
2. What is the difference between a sorority girl and a bowling ball?
You can only put three fingers in a bowling ball.
You could eat a bowling ball if you had to.
You can't fit a sorority girl inside a bowling ball.
3. How are a sorority girl and a bowling ball alike?
You can pick them up, stick your fingers in them, and throw them in
the gutter and they always come back for more.
4. What is the difference between sorority girls and hookers?
Sorority girls cost less per score.
5. What is the difference between a sorority girl and an elephant?
About 40 lbs.
How do you equalize the two?
Feed the elephant.
6. What's the first thing a sorority girl does in the morning?
Walks home.
7. What's the difference between a sorority girl and the Titanic?
Only 1500 went down on the Titanic.
8. How can you tell if a sorority girl has achieved orgasm?
She drops her nail file.
9. What's a sorority girl's favorite wine?
"Daaadddy, I want to go to mi-ammmmi."
10. What do you get when you cross a sorority girl with an ape?
Don't know. There is only so much an ape can be forced to do...
11. Why is a sorority girl like a door knob?
'Cause everyone gets a turn.
12. How do you get a sorority girl in your bed?
Grease her hips so she'll fit through the door and throw a
twinkie on the bed.
13. Did you hear about the new sorority girl doll?
You put a ring on her finger and her hips expand.
14. A sorority girl was hitch-hiking along an empty desert highway. After
five or six cars had passed her without even slowing down, she decided
she really wanted out of there. She decided upon the quickest way to
get someone's gang. The gang spotted her, and acted quickly. They
dragged her off into a side canyon and gang-dressed her.
15. What's the difference between sorority girls and garbage?
Garbage gets taken out once a week.
16. What do you call 100 sorority girls sun-bathing on a beach in Cuba?
Bay of Pigs.
17. What do you call a sorority girl hang-glider festival?
Multiple total eclipses.
18. What is a sorority girl's mating call?
"I'm soooo drunk, I'm sooooo drunk!"
19. What is the difference between a sorority girl and a toilet?
After you use a toilet it doesn't follow you around for three days.
20. What do you get when cross a lawyer with a sorority girl?
There are some things a sorority girl won't do.
I don't know, but it sure enjoys screwing people.
I don't know, but when it sucks your cock, it does't stop until it
gets blood.

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