"Small Punjabi Penis Stereotype exposed on TV" joke

Santa Sahib & Banta Sahib have decided to refute the "Small Punjabi Penis" stereotype on their top live "Santa Banta" TV show! To this end, they seek to showcase Punjabi women with well-endowed partners. So both men are standing outside the exit of a ladies' toilet in New Delhi Big Bazaar. Discreetly, they ask every woman coming out about her partner's size & performance. Sadly, all report puny 3-5 inchers & none are pleased.
Finally, just before they give up, the most beautiful Punjabi lady they've seen in weeks comes out, wearing golden sandals & a skin-tight black churidaar shalwaar kameez which emphasizes her curvy buttocks, breasts & legs!
"Behenji (sister), this is a TV survey!" explains Santa. "How large is your husband's Lann (penis) & are you satisfied?"
"Oh yes!" she replies. "He's 12 inches long & I'm VERY happy!"
Overjoyed, they quickly invite her & her husband to their show.
Finally, the big day arrives. "Welcome to Santa Banta TV!" announces Santa. "Today, we expose the stereotype that Punjabi Men have small tools!"
"Now we will show you a Behenji & her Punjabi man who has a 12-incher!" thunders Banta. "Let's welcome them!"
Loud applause erupts as the lady enters. But to universal surprise, she is flanked by a Big Black Dravidian Ravana of a man!
"Where ... is your ... Shohar (husband)?" stammers Santa.
"This is my husband Maha-Lingam!" she replies. "He's a TAMILIAN from South India!"

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haha:i can see someone who is jealous
slut:Too bad punjabis dicks are huge this is the list 1 blacks 2 punjabis/whites 3 everyone else
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