"Similarities" joke

Drug dealers Software developer Refer to their clients Refer to their clients as “users”. as “users”. “The first one’s free! ” “Download a free trial version…” Have important South-East Have important South-East Asian connections Asian connections (to help move the stuff). (to help debug the code). Strange jargon: Strange jargon: “Stick, ” “Rock, ” “SCSI, ” “RTFM, ” “Dime bag, ” “E”. “Java, ” “ISDN”. Realize that there’s Realize that there’s tons of cash in the tons of cash in the 14 to 25 year-old 14 to 25 year-old market. market. Job is assisted by the Job is assisted by industry’s producing industry’s producing newer, more potent mixes. newer, faster machines. Often seen in the company Often seen in the company of pimps and hustlers. of marketing people and venture capitalists.

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