"Signs you've been playing HALO to long" joke

Signs you've been playing HALO (for XBOX) too long.
-You call your friends by their character name instead of their real name.
-You can't remember your friends' real names.
-You believe that the Earth is one huge ring instead of a ball.
-You cansantly attempt to pistol-whip people.
-You begin to wonder where the needler and rocket launcher are on campus.
-You refer to your car as a warthog.
-You attempt to mount a gatling gun onto the back of your car.

1. You don't suffer from insomnia... you enjoy every minute of it.
2. Your pupils are dialated 24/7
3.*You don't have time for a girlfriend and would rather have a talking frog instead.
4. L337 is a common word in your household.
5. The targeting reticle from more...

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