"Really, the check is in the mail" joke

It wasn't until after Sue Quirke had shredded the postcard that she discovered it was her tax rebate check - one of millions sent to Wisconsin taxpayers this week. "I just thought it was an advertisement for a free something or other," Quirke said. Quirke's bank has declined to take the check - which she patched back with tape - because it would not go through any of its machines. The state is sending $700 million in tax rebate checks to 2.5 million taxpayers as part of a tax relief package.
The rebates feature a sales tax logo on the back and a quote from Gov. Tommy Thompson: "It's your money!" The state Department of Revenue said it included the logo and quote to prevent people from tossing the card out.
But Willard Riemer, owner of Riemer's Flowers in Thiensville, said the quote from Thompson made him think the postcard was a piece of campaign literature.
"Important stuff from the state usually comes in a yellow envelope," Riemer said. "I think they could have done a better job in packaging checks."
Source - Associated Press

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