"Puka Tours (Sri Lankan)" joke

There were two married people, named Punyawathi and Karunadaasa. This couple has son who's about 22 years of age. Now this couple thought of opening a tours & travel business. So, they bought a bus and thought of putting a name. They took the first two leters of their names and named the bus "Puka" (Punyawathi + Karunaadasa).
And now the business is doing very well, Puka Tours is in full swing. Now this son of theirs has an affair with a girl, and the girl's family thought of finding out about the guy and came to Karunadasa's house. So, when they came only Punyawathi was home, Karunadasa was in the river washing the bus, when the guests asked where is Karunadasa? Punyawathi replied saying: "Puka hodanava".
Then the guests were quite upset about these people's language, and they sat down to talk. So, the girl's father asked from Punyawathi from where do the get the income, then Punyawathi said: "Pukenma thamai". When the guests were about to leave Punyawathi said: "Poddak inna dan Karunadasa awilla ogollo serama pukenma arii"

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