"Promoted To Sergeants" joke

Bubba and Earl got promoted from Privates to Sergeants. Shortly after, they were out walking when Bubba said, "Hey, Earl, there's the NCO Club. Let's go in and have us a drank."
"But we's privates," protested Earl. Pointing out their stripes, Bubba replied, "No we ain't Earl, we's Sergeants now!"
They went in and ordered their drinks. A few minutes later, a hooker walked up to Bubba and said, "You're real cute. I'd love to take you somewhere and make you feel real good, but I've got a bad case of gonorrhea."
Bubba pulled Earl closer and whispered, "Quick, go look in the dictionary and see what that gon-o-rea means. If it's good, give me the okay sign."
Earl came back and gave Bubba the okay sign. A couple of weeks later, Bubba was in the infirmary with a case of gonorrhea. "Earl," he said, "why'd you gimme the okay fer?"
"Bubba, in the dictionary it says gonorrhea only affects the privates. But, we's Sergeants now!" Earl explained, pointing to his stripes.

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