"Pick up lines- Shul Version" joke

1. Pray here often?
2. I must have great kavanah, because I think my prayers have just been answered.
3. This Social Hall may have been dedicated in 1946, but I've been dedicated to you ever since you entered the room.
4. Hagbah is easy but picking up a girl like you is intimidating.
5. I see you are using the new linear siddur. Does that mean a lame one-liner might work on you?
6. You are the reason we need a mechiztah in this shul.
7. Since we're in a beis knesset, do I have a chance of getting to base with you?
8. The rabbi's sermons can put people to sleep. Care to hear his shiur together?
9. You know, I had my bris down the hall in this shul. Want to see where?
10. Don't let my tallis-bag fool you - I got it for my Bar-Mitzvah.
11. This kiddush ginger-ale is quite flat. Unlike you.
12. Just like the Ner Tamid, my love for you burns eternal.
13. Isn't this conspicuosly funny
14. Like the tenth man to make a minyan, you...complete...me.
15. You had me at Adon (Olam).
16. Like an incoherent chazzan, I'd like to whisper sweet nothings in your ear.
17. I think I've lost my page number. Can I have yours?
18. Won't you bimah, bimah baby tonight.
19. I may bless God that "He did not make me a woman", but I'm sure glad He made you one!
20. You know, I think you owe me a back rub; my neck is sore from noticing you up in the women's section all morning...
21. I notice that your Artscroll Siddur is dog-eared at Tehillim. Could I be what you've been praying for?
22. The Tenth Commandment prohibits us from coveting our neighbor's property. I sure hope you live across town!
23. You must feel fortunate to have a minyan wherever you go, cause baby, you're a 10!
24. Do you wear a hat to shul even in warm weather? Would you like to?

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