"No Medical Insurance" joke

A man had just undergone coronary surgery at Mercy Hospital and was in the recovery room. A Sister of Mercy was at his bedside to reassure him that all went well. "You are going to be fine, Mr. Jones, however we do need to know how you intend to pay for your hospital stay. Do you have insurance coverage?"
"No, I don't," the groggy man answered.
"Is it possible for you to pay in cash then?" the nun persisted. "No, I'm afraid that's not possible," he replied.
"Well, do you have any close relatives?" the nun asked. "Only my sister in Texas, but she's a humble spinster nun," said the man.
"Mr Jones, I must correct you. Nuns are not spinsters for they are married to God," the nun explained.
"Well, in that case, send my bill to my brother-in-law!" he said.

Nearly 1,000 clerics and scholars of Islam met in Pakistan to draft a response to the Pope's accusation that Islam is a religion spread "by the sword."
In their statement, the group comments that Islam is not spread by the sword alone, but it sure helps.

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