"Little Leroy getting in trouble" joke

Little Leroy was always getting into trouble with his mother. One day his mother was in the kitchen doing the dishes and she looks out and sees that little Leroy has tied up the cat. She says to herself "what is that little shit doing to that damn cat this time?"
Little Leroy leaves the cat lying in the grass next to the driveway and runs into the house and asks his mother for a piece of chalk and some M&M's.
She thinks for a minute and realizes that not even little Leroy can harm the cat with chalk and M&M's. She gives Leroy the chalk and M&M's and he runs outside.
He sets the M&M's next to the cat and takes the chalk and draws a line all the way down the drive way. Mom sees this and says to herself what is that damn boy doing? She is very curious so she stands there and watches.
Little Leroy goes back to where the cat is lying in the grass and picks up the cat and his M&M's.
He then goes over and sits down on the chalk line. He then proceeds to pop the M&M's in his mouth and bite the cats tail. Then he scoots on his butt about three feet down the driveway. Little Leroy does this a couple of more times before his mothers curiosity gets the better of her.
His Mother goes and asks Leroy "What in the hell are you doing boy?"
"Playing trucker" he says to his mom. Then Leroy says "popping pills, eatin' pussy, and moving on down the line."

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