"Kite Tails And Rejection" joke

One day a father and son are flying a kite. The kite is going in circles and crashing. The father comforts the son and the mother yells,' 'You need more tail!'' The father then tells the son,' 'Son, I will never understand your mom. Last night when we were having' 'fun'', I asked her for more tail and she told me to go fly a kite.''

A father and his son were out in the yard trying to fly a kite. Each time they tried, the kite would go up in the air for several feet, then immediately flutter to the ground.
This went on for some time until his wife, who was watching from the kitchen window, opened the more...


A guy is outside in his front yard attempting to fly a kite with his son.
Every time the kite gets up in the air, it comes crashing down. After this goes
on for awhile, his wife sticks her head out the front door and yells, "You need
more tail."
The more...

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