"Kit Carson Museum" joke

My favorite museum when I was growing up, the one that influenced me the most, was the Kit Carson Museum.
It was really impressive because right away when you walked in what you saw was this case with two human skulls in it, dramatically presented.
One skull was larger and had a label stating "The Skull of Kit Carson." That was really something.
Then, to the side, there was this smaller skull with a label that said "The Skull of Kit Carson as a Boy"...

Sherlock Holmes & Watson go to a Rock Museum.
They walk around for a while when Watson notices that there is a rock that doesn't have a display name.
"What kind of rock is that?" he asked Sherlock.
"Sedimentary, my dear Watson!"


Visiting the modern art museum, a lady turnedto an attendant standing nearby."This," she said, "I suppose, is one of thosehideous representations you call modern art?""No, madam," replied the attendant. "That one's called a mirror."


Two elderly women are walking through a museum and get separated.
As soon as they meet up with each other again, one of them appears quite flustered and says, "Goodness, gracious! Did you see the statue of the naked man back there? I've never been so shocked. How can more...

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