"Good News From Doc" joke

Carla, a 41 year old biologist, comes home from the doctor and runs into her bedroom. She rips her clothes off and starts jumping up and down of her bed.
Her husband Nathan walks into the room and watches Carla for a minute.
'You look ridiculous,' Nathan says. 'What's gotten into you?'
'I just had my yearly check-up,' Carla says. 'The doctor said I have the breasts of an 18 year old!'
'Yeah right, and what did he say about your 41 year old ass?' Nathan asks.
'Funny,' she says. 'Your name never came up.'

A cop pulled a guy over for speeding at which time the following conversation was exchanged:
Cop: May I see your driver's license?

Driver: Sorry, I don't have one. It was suspended when I got my 5th DUI.

Cop: May I see the owner's card for the more...


A man walks into his doctor's office and sits down in the waiting room. While he is waiting his turn to be seen, an acquaintance walks in and sits down next to him. The newcomer asks "W w what are yyy you ddd doing here Fred?" The man replies, " I am waiting to more...


Ya mama so fat the only thing stopping her from going to Jenny Craig is the door.


Q: why did the Maori cross the road on a motorbike?
A: to get to the other side.
Q: why did the pakeha cross the road?
A: to get his motorbike back!


An artist was commissioned to do a mural to be placed in the Museum of the site of the "Battle of the Big Horn." He was asked to do an oil painting depicting what Gen. George A. Custer's last thoughts could have been just prior to his death on the battlefield.
At more...

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