"Going to shul Benjamin woke up one Saturda..." joke

Going to shul
Benjamin woke up one Saturday morning in a bad mood. When he came down to breakfast, he put on his yarmulke and sat across the table from his visiting sister, Sarah.
"I`m not going to shul today!" he said to Sarah emphatically.
"Yes you are." Sarah replied calmly.
"No I`m not. . . I don`t think I really want to ever go again!" Benjamin said with obvious irritation. "The people down there don`t like me, they ignore me sometimes. . . they don`t appreciate me at all. . . and I won`t go back."
"Yes, you will go today, and you will continue", said Sarah with confidence. And, I`ll give you two reasons. Number one, you`re 45 years old. .. and Number two, you`re the Rabbi!"

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